Project Empties #2

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Unfortunately, I didn't finish many products in February. I managed to use up all of my December/January allowance and I had to restock up on essentials that I'd finished, such as cleanser, which ultimately didn't really stop me from spending money on make-up and skincare... Hmm.

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser
Review: This cleanser is really rich and feels luxurious. It is really moisturising and doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin. It didn't remove all my eye makeup and sometimes I felt like it hadn't removed all my makeup. It is supposed to be radiance boosting, I personally don't think I saw any difference. You get a 200ml tube, which I used every day and it lasted me approximately 5 months which I thought was brilliant. While I did like this cleanser, I feel that there are other cheaper cleansers that are just as good.
Would I repurchase? Only with the £5 off voucher

Oxy On The Spot
Review: I like to put this over any breakouts I get. It's not a quick fix for spots, but it does help to reduce the size and eventually get rid of the spot. I only use it when I can feel a spot coming or on any existing spots, I don't use it everyday. It says to apply it once a day, except when I used it, I apply it twice a day. The problem with doing that is that the skin gets used to the product and over time, it becomes less effective, so just be aware of that. Also be careful that it doesn't bleach anything!
Would I repurchase? Yes

Finished items: 2
Accumulative Finished Items from December 2010 to February 2011: 5
Allowance for March 2011: 2

What products have you used up recently?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. I haven't used up anything lately but have a lot of products that only have a tiny bit left - I just know they're all going to run out at the same time! The No 7 cleanser sounds great, I'm tempted to try it next time there's a £5 voucher. x

  2. @Lily - I hate when products only have a tiny bit left, but never seem to run out (If you know what I mean!). You should defo give it a go, especially since the £5 off vouchers are floating around again. xx