Review: ELF Brushes

Monday, 6 February 2012

A few months ago, I bought some brushes from ELF as they were offering 40% off due to them getting 275,000 likes on Facebook. I happily picked up some new brushes and thought I've used them enough now to do a thorough review on them. I've also decided to throw in a review of some ELF brushes that I had bought previously too.

Lip Brush - £1.50 - I've not really had a chance to use this that much, but it is a lovely brush. It's super soft and is a good shape to give an accurate lipstick line. I feel like it's quite a large brush, but I've not got any other lip brush to compare it to. It's a great brush for a great price.

Eyebrow Wand - £1.50 - There's not much to say about this brush to be honest. I just use it to comb through my eyebrows before applying products and it works well.

Studio Stipple Brush - £3.50 - I have been using this for MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base and MAC Her Blooming Cheek and it's great. It isn't very dense, but that's what makes it so good at applying pigmented blushes. It deposits the right amount of colour from pigmented blushers and diffuses it nicely on the cheek. It is also great for highlighter. The brush is very flat, but after washing a few times it has become slightly rounder. I have never experienced any shedding with this brush.

Studio Complexion Brush - £3.50 - I love using this brush for powder or blending out blusher/bronzer/contour. It's super soft and is nice and dense to distribute powder evenly. It doesn't shed at all.

Studio Blush Brush - £3.50 - This is one of my favourite brushes. It's the perfect size for blush and contouring. It's super soft and I love how it tapers at the end, so it's more accurate.

Studio Flat Powder Brush - £3.50 - I really like this brush. It's so versatile - I've used it for foundation, cream blush and contour and I'm sure you could use it for even more. It's very similar to the Sigma F80. It's a super dense brush, which applies everything like a dream, especially foundation. I have never experienced any shedding from it.

Studio Slanted Brush - £3.50 - This is a nice brush for filling in your eyebrows. The brush isn't very stiff and sometimes splays a little too much, meaning the lines it creates aren't always completely accurate.

Studio Face Kabuki - £5 - This is a lovely, soft and dense kabuki. I use this for my setting powder and it distributes powder evenly and is a great buffer. It washed well and I experience no shedding from it.

What do you think of ELF brushes? What is your favourite brand for brushes?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. I am a sucker for brushes, I love them, but sometimes they can be really pricey. I think I will definitely check out the elf ones :)

    Karys x

  2. These brushes look good - the stippling brush especially looks like a welcome addition to my make up bag. I've never bought from elf but have heard lots of good things


    1. They are really good. I would definitely recommend them :) xx

  3. Ohhh these sound so good and so affordable! X

    1. They are really good! I would definitely recommend them, especially for the price :) xx