Five Favourite Fitness-stagrams

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I am an Instagram addict. There, I've said it. If I'm waiting for my train, waiting at the doctor's, or just playing around on my phone, Instagram will definitely be one of the first apps I check. Towards the end of 2013, there seemed to be a surge in fitness Instagram accounts (maybe there had been lots before, but I hadn't noticed...) and I found myself randomly stumbling across a few and following them. This year, in a bid to finally reach my goal fitness, I have followed even more and I thought I would share with you five of my favourite fitness-stagrams.

censkiii - Cenna has worked her way from being skinny to fit and every time I see her instagrams, they always make me want to go to the gym. I love her Instagram workout videos - They're short and sweet, but cover everything from working out in the gym or at home workouts and include abs, arms, legs, etc and they're great to tie into your current workout routine or to use as inspiration.

elle_fit - Elle taught herself Yoga throughout last year and her Instagram pics make me want to try it and attempt to become more flexible and improve my posture. She has some simple stretching pictures and videos for those wanting to get started in yoga, which is super handy for a yoga novice like myself. Her beach shots make me wish I was from Australia and could work out on the beach. I just need a boy to do the partner yoga moves with now ;)

kayla_itsines - Kayla was one of the first Instagrams that I followed. She has abs to die for and trains people to get a lean, bikini-ready body - now who doesn't want that? If I lived in Adelaide, I would be first in line for Kayla's boot camps. But for those of us living further away, Kayla has recently released a fitness eBook, which is on my to-buy list. She has also recently got the cutest husky puppy ever called Ace!

russellsbc - This is one of the newer Instagrams that I've followed this year. The Skinny Bitch Collective is a favourite with the likes of Millie Mackintosh, Daisy Lowe, amongst others and I can see why. Russell's classes in London have a waiting list longer than my arm, but I love the sneak-peek instavideos into his classes and routines, which give an insight into the intense workout sessions and you can use them in your own workout.

wayofgray - Sophie's Instagram has a bit of everything, from transformations, foodie posts, inspiring quotes and workouts. I bought Sophie's first eBook last year and recently purchased her second one too and boy do they break you out in a sweat. They are all based on HIIT and the second eBook is based on the Tabata format, which makes me want to die! You don't need fancy gym equipment, but just a little space, a timer, lots of water and motivation.

Who are your fitspirations? Do you have any favourite fitness Instagrams?

Joy xx


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