Beauty Wishlist

Monday, 17 February 2014

Over the majority of 2013, I realised that my beauty spending habits changed quite a lot, moving from makeup to mainly skincare. I currently have a some vouchers burning a bit of a hole in my purse and I feel like a makeup splurge is in order, so I decided to collate some beauty bits and bobs that I'm lusting after.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is hailed as an almighty foundation by many in the beauty blogging community. Apparently it has good coverage, good longevity, photographs well and comes in many shades. As a bit of a sheep and on a constant hunt to find the perfect base, Luminous Silk has made its way onto my 'to try' list. Amelia Liana recently posted about how L'Oreal True Match Foundation is a good dupe of the almighty, so maybe buying that will save me some pennies but give me a similar effect...

Another thing that has caught my attention is the Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polished. This is a cream highlighter, which has received a 4.4 out of 5 rating on the Topshop website and is many getting rave reviews about the beautiful highlighting qualities of this product. Coming in at less than £10, you can't really go wrong.

Tying in with trying to find the perfect base, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect concealer too. As a low maintenance makeup gal, I want a concealer that can cover dark circles, redness and blemishes. Enter the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, an all around concealer which can cover everything that you want hiding. Coming in 8 shades, you're bound to find the perfect shade for you.

I saw a picture of Essie Marshmallow on Pinterest and was instantly drawn to the shade. It is a sheer white shade, which can be your perfect French manicure base or can be built up to a jelly-like white. I like that it's not as full on as a pure white and can be used a base for glitters and nail art.

I've wanted the Naked Basics palette for a while as the matte shades in my Naked I palette are nearing pan and I was on the hunt for new matte eyeshadows. After being overwhelmed on the MAC website (anyone have any recommendations?), I thought this palette was a safe bet.

The Charles Worthington Texturising Spray isn't necessarily a makeup item, but it's something else I want to try. Currently being claimed as the cheaper alternative to Oribe's Dry Texturising Spray, the volumising and texturising properties of this spray sound like something my occasionally flat-looking hair can benefit from.

What's on your beauty wishlist at the moment?

Joy xx


  1. The naked basics looks incredible! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Yeah, I keep swatching it every time I see it but haven't bought it... yet! x

  2. the Loreal foundation is rather good in coverage, but only lasts 3 hours or so :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know. That sucks that it doesn't last very long... :-/ x