Review: ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn

Monday, 10 February 2014

As a low maintenance eye makeup gal - eyeliner and mascara, that's me done - I'm always after something to add some colour to my lids, but without the effort of using multiple brushes, multiple eyeshadows and spending many moons blending, blending, blending. Enter the ELF Studio Cream Shadow in Dawn.

Dawn is a beautiful grey-taupe colour, which is the perfect everyday neutral shade. It has tiny gold glitters in, which are barely detectable in the pot, but show up very subtley on the eyelids. I tend to wear only this all over the lid for an easy everyday look, but this would also be lovely as a base for other eyeshadow looks too.

The texture is quite moussey and creamy, but never feels greasy on the lids. This is a great day to day product, as you can easily apply it with your fingers if you're in a rush or for a more intense colour, use the brush that comes with the eyeshadow. I have to admit, I haven't tried this with any other brushes as the mini brush that comes with the eyeshadow is really all you need. A little goes a long way, so I can see this 4.75g of product lasting a long time.

I have worn this all day for up to 8 hours and find it never creases on me, even without an eyeshadow primer (although I always powder my eyelids before applying eye products). I was seriously amazed at the longevity, as I can get oily eyelids. I have used this so much since I bought it in November and would highly recommend it. It is common for cream eyeshadows to dry out and harden after a few months, but I have had no issues with this yet.

What are your favourite cream eyeshadows?

Joy xx


  1. What a pretty colour! It looks so wearable and it's great to hear that it does a great job of staying put as I find so many cream shadows still manage to crease on me x

    Kirsty | Behind These Closed Eyes

    1. It is the perfect every day neutral! Yeah, creasing eyeshadows are a pain, but I would recommend giving this a go as its longevity is fab x

  2. Ohh it's a beautiful colour! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Yeah, it is! Perfect for every day :) x