Christmas Wishlist

Friday, 9 December 2011

As Christmas is looming closer and closer (14 more sleeps!), I thought I'd share my ultimate Christmas wishlist. A few things are things I need, e.g. new glasses as the plastic on my Chanel ones are falling apart a little after having them for 4 years and new replacement heads for my Clarisonic, while some things are a little out there e.g. the Black Milk leggings or a little extortionate e.g. the iPhone and Mulberry Alexa. But like I said this is my ultimate wishlist, which is irrespective of how realistic life is.

Clockwise from left:
Purple Galaxy Leggings (
iPhone (
Clarisonic Brush Heads (
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (
OPI Rainbow Connection (
Mulberry Alexa (
Ray-Ban Glasses (

What have you asked for for Christmas? What would be on your ultimate wishlist?

xoxo, Joy


  1. I LOVE those leggings! Gorgeous! xxx

  2. i would love a clarisonic! might check out the January sales :) LOVE the glasses you've picked too! xxx

  3. @Sophie - Me too! But I have a feeling I'd be too scared to wear them out, hehe! xx

    @Sarah - I would sooo recommend a Clarisonic! Thanks, I just hope they suit! Knowing my luck, they won't :p xx

    @kfedland - I know, I want it so much!! xx

  4. I would love love LOVE a skirt or tbadeau top in that leggings print! This year for Xmas I haven't actually asked for anything! I'd like some perfume maybe...or some really impractical shoes which would be completely useless in Polish weather.

  5. Love the black milk leggings!
    I've asked for loads of jewellery this year to fill my ever changing jewellery box :)

    Chelsea x

  6. @binia - Isn't the print just gorgeous? The purple ones are so striking! Ooh, that sounds nice :) I hope you get everything you ask for xx

    @Sara Louise - Me too! They'e so gorgeous! xx

    @Chelsea Jade - Me too. I love how unique they are. Ooh, that sounds nice! xx