Christmas Sales Haul

Friday, 30 December 2011

I hit the shops with my mum on Boxing Day and although it was absolutely packed and all civilisation had turned into bargain hunting robots with no manners or people skills, I managed to come away with some lovely buys.

The shop that took most of my money was Topshop. I looked online before we went out and was a little disappointed with the online selection, so I wasn't getting my hopes up. However I found some lovely items in store and now I know the sale items in store are always better than online.

Bunny print shirt dress - £48 reduced to £30
Plum ponte dress - £30 reduced to £20
Leopard print shirt dress - £30 reduced to £18
Stripe top - £18 reduced to £10
(I couldn't find links online for the rest of the items)

I spotted the leopard print dress a while ago, but they didn't have my size. After it disappeared from the shop floor in my local Topshop, I thought I'd seen the last of it... And I couldn't believe my luck when I found the bunny print dress as I think it sold out super quickly when it came out in stores earlier this year. As I was laying out the items to take the picture above, I realised I have a 'type'... Looking through my wardrobe, you would see that I have a penchant for patterned skirts and dresses, stripy tops, and dresses that come in just above the waist. Does anyone else have a type of clothing that they always buy?

Topshop charity bracelet - £2

At the till point in Topshop, I spied this orange cord bracelet with a a silver wishbone charm. Jewellery with wishbones on are my weakness and I knew I had to buy it! The bracelet cost £2 and it was nice to see that £1 goes to charity (Centre Point, to be exact). There were two other designs too - A red cord bracelet with a dainty squirrel (so cute!) and a black cord bracelet with a heart.

I also picked up a few items from Marks and Spencer. M and S isn't a store I tend to shop in, but I thought I'd have a peek as my mum was looking for some work dresses.

Woven blazer - £29.50 reduced to £12.50
Black skinny jeggings - £?? reduced to £7.50!

I have been after a black blazer for ages! I spotted a lovely 3/4 sleeve blazer in Topshop a while back, but at £65, I couldn't bear to part with the money. After spotting this lone blazer on the rack, among a lovely turquoise one of the same style, I knew it was meant to be! My mum actually bought the jeggings for herself, but didn't realise they had zips at the bottom. After proclaiming that she was "too old for the extra zips", I decided to try them on... I have nothing but good things to say about these. They're a thickish material, so they lean more towards jeans than jeggings, they fit like a dream and stay skinny! My pet peeve with jeans is when the sag around the bum or knees and I have worn these every day since buying them (oops) and they're still nice and tight!

Lastly is an item I actually picked up from New Look before Christmas. After Sarah blogged about this skirt, I knew I had to have it!

Tulip sequin mini - £29.99 reduced to £6.50!

The skirt is absolutely beautiful. It has an array of flowers on the front,, with some pretty beading along the scallops.

Did you pick up any bargains in the sales?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. I love that shirtdress! Can't beleive I've not seen it in Topshop before now. Looks like you got some lovely bargains. x

  2. I love that skirt and that bracelet! those jeggings look cute as well, I like the zippers :)

  3. yayyyyyy so so glad you got the skirt!! :) M&S - er what good bargains!! xxx

  4. @Lily - Thanks. Maybe keep an eye out in the sales? You never know, you might find one :) xx

    @Aseya - Thanks :) I really like the zippers on the jeggings too. It makes them a little bit more interesting. xx

    @Sarah - Indeed! Thanks for posting about it, otherwise I would hav never known! :D xx

    @Nisha - Thanks, it's even lovelier in real life :) xx

    @Aisha - I love it and can't wait to wear it! :D xx

  5. What wonderful finds! <3 I especially love the striped top!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  6. That skirt is sooooo beautiful... I want it so bad, but I haven't seen it in my local Topshop ugh :( Great buys!

  7. You did very well in Topshop! I can never find anything good, it's always such a mess in my one. I love that blazer! xx

  8. Love the mini you scooped up!! You need to do an outfit post with that one!

    Fashion Translated

  9. Look like you did really well in the sales. I had a quick look yesterday but wasn't enjoying so went for a nice meal instead lol. Love the little wishbone charity bracelet, I've been meaning to pick one up for a while.

    Hope you have an amazing 2012.

    Laura x

  10. @Jo - Thanks! I love it, I've worn it so much since I bought it! xx

    @Summer - Sorry, I wasn't clear in the post. I forgot to say the skirt is from New Look. Hope you manage to find one. xx

    @Lydia - Thanks. We were lucky because we went quite early on boxing day, so it wasn't too messy. I hate when sales are messy, it puts me right off! Thanks xx

    @Fashion Translated - Thanks :) I will definitely try to, although I sometimes get a bit self conscious to do OOTDs xx

    @Laura - Thanks :) Haha, a meal sounds good though. Money well spent :) I love it too. I've not taken it off since I bought it. Thank you, you too! xx

  11. I love the look of those jeggings, what a bargain! Looks like you did well in the sales!

  12. @Winnie - Thanks. I think I was just lucky this time, normally I don't find anything! xx