If I Was A Rich Girl...

Friday, 22 April 2011

"Think what that money could bring,
I'd buy everything,
Clean out Vivienne Westwood
In my Galliano gown,
No, wouldn't just have one hood,
A Hollywood mansion if I could
Please book me first-class to my fancy house in London town"
I love Gwen Stefani! :)

Earlier this week, I went for afternoon tea at Laduree in Harrods (Nomnomnom) and a spot of shopping with one of my friends from school. While we were shopping, she treated herself to a pair of Christian Louboutins. I am so ridiculously jealous! Anyway, it got me thinking: If I had endless amounts of money and could buy anything, what would I buy? I used to waste so much time poring over Net-A-Porter, knowing full well that I can't afford anything on there, but just looking for the sake of it. Did/Does anyone else do that?

Clockwise from left:
Christian Louboutin Swarovski Crystal Peep-Toe Pumps (Net-A-Porter.com)
Burberry Cotton-Twill Trench Coat (Net-A-Porter.com)
Hermes H Enamel Bracelet (Hermes.com)
Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf (Net-A-Porter.com)
Ray Ban Aviators (Ray-Ban.com)
Clarisonic Classic (Clarisonic.com)
Cartier Love Bracelet (Cartier.co.uk)
Chanel Classic Flap Bag (Chanel.com)
Ahh, well a girl can dream! What would you buy if you had endless amounts of money?

xoxo, Joy


  1. Ha, I used to spend endless hours on Net-A-Porter lusting over pretty much everything on there! I'm joining you in wanting a par of Ray Ban aviators, they're gorgeous! x

  2. I am with you on all these things. Loving the new banner!

  3. Oh man, your friend is lucky! Some lovely choices there. x

  4. i think I'd buy everything you picked out - every piece is gorgeous :)
    loving this post!! x

  5. @Tess - I'm glad I'm not the only one who used to do that! :) I love the aviators. I used to crave the wayfarers, but have changed my mind! xx

    @Vida - Yay, I think a lot of these items are quite classic. Thanks lovely :) xx

    @Emma - Yes, my friend is super lucky. Thanks love xx

    @Rachel - A lot of the things are classic items that I think everyone would love to own. Thanks love :) xx