Project Empties #4

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sorry for the slightly sporadic posting and 'filler' type posts these past few weeks! I have been home for Easter and I've been super busy. Posting should resume as normal from next Monday when I go back to uni.

This month I've finished quite a few products. They were all pretty much on their last legs by the end of March and all finished around the same time in April. So typical! Throughout April, I only bought two make-up items - Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Garnier Eye Roll on, because they both had good offers on them. I only paid £1.99 for the Healthy Mix, because it was only £6.99 in Boots and I had a £5 voucher!

Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-up Removal Lotion
Review: I didn't read the back of the bottle before buying this, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I first used it. Upon using it, I found out that it was essentially expensive and slightly thinned out baby oil. It did remove my eye make-up well, even waterproof make-up, but left my eye area feeling oily and made my eyes go cloudy when I got it into my eyes.
Would I repurchase? No

Dove Pro-Age Beauty Body Lotion
Review: Here
Would I repurchase? No, I'm quite fickle with body moisturisers and chop and change all the time.

L'Oreal Elvive Renutrition Renourishing Shampoo
Review: This shampoo is designed for dry hair/dried out hair, but I don't really feel like it made much difference and didn't really live up to it's claims. It lathered up really well and had a nice smell to it, which I liked but that didn't last in the hair.
Would I repurchase No

L'Oreal Superline Carbon Gloss
Review: I loooove this eyeliner! It's nice and pigmented, dries quickly once applied and lasts well throughout the day (Although, after reading some reviews online, it seems that some people find that this flakes on them... So I think it's different for everyone). I really like the felt tip applicator. It makes application super easy and due to it being a point, it enables you to do really precise lines but can also build it up to thicken up your lines. As with most eyeliner bottles, it has got opaque packaging. I find this really annoying, because you can't see how much you have left.
Would I repurchase? Yes

CK In2U Perfume
Review: I love the smell of this perfume - It's fresh, fruity and sweet, without being over powering. It's perfect for all seasons, especially spring/summer. I like the unique bottle design, but it is difficult to see how much perfume you have left.
Would I repurchase? Yes

Finished Items: 5
Accumulative Finished Items from December 2010 to April 2011: 13

Have you finished many products this month?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. None are finished yet but I'm on an unofficial project 10 pan so fingers crossed I'll have used some things up next month!! x

  2. @Rachel - Good luck with it! :D xx

  3. I have CKin2u perfume too! I love it :) Love your blog! and you look very pretty :)

  4. @Breakingrumours - It's a lovely perfume! I wish I hadn't used it all up now! Thank you, that's so sweet of you :) xx