Review: No7 Gel Eyeliner

Thursday, 24 February 2011

What they say: (From For instant allure paint on your colour of choice with the brush applicator and flick out at the ends. “Fabulous gel eye liners to focus your Bardot Kitten eyed look. Gel formulations are so much easier than liquids because their creamy texture allows for a longer application time…so time to perfect your flick!” - Lisa Eldridge, No7 make-up artist and creative director.

Price: £10


One swipe of No. 7 Gel Eyeliner in Black

What I Think: I've wanted to try a gel eyeliner for ages. I was tempted to pick up MAC Fluidline, but I didn't want to spend £13.50 on something that I might not like. So when I saw that No7 was releasing a range of gel eyeliners in their SS11 collection and I got a £5 off voucher, I knew I had to pick this up. I ended up paying only £5 for this.

I think I have been converted. I normally wear liquid eyeliner everyday, but since I bought this, I've been wearing it everyday. Considering I'd never used a gel eyeliner before, I found this really easy to use. I tried using my ELF Small Angled Brush with it, but I found it easier to use a MAC 210 style brush to apply this. I love how easy it is to do thin, precise lines or thick, winged flicks, depending on what you fancy.

I really like the packaging of the eyeliner. The frosted glass pot feels really sturdy and expensive. The gel eyeliner is so pigmented and creamy. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge at all. I like to set it with a black eyeshadow, so I think that helps too. The little brush that came with it was a little useless at applying the gel eyeliner, but I found it was good for applying the black eyeshadow over the top.

If you're an avid eyeliner wearer, I would definitely recommend that you pick one of these up while Boots still sell them - The collection has 3 colours (Black, Navy and Turquoise) and is available until March 22. This No7 one is cheaper than high end brands, such as MAC, Clinique and Bobbi Brown, who are all well known for their gel eyeliners. However if you're just wanting to try a gel eyeliner and don't mind so much about the brand, you could try some cheaper alternatives, such as the ones by ELF (£3.50), Sleek (£4.29) or the new one by Maybelline which is now available in Superdrug - I have never tried any of these, so can't give an opinion on them.

Have you ever tried gel eyeliner?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy

P.S. Just so you know, the £5 off Boots Vouchers are back and they're around till March 27! :)


  1. Ooh this looks really nice! I'll have to try it out I think! xo

  2. This looks great, I really like the packaging. I've never tried a gel liner but wear a liquid eyeliner everyday. x

  3. @Jennie - I would definitely recommend it! Especially since the £5 off vouchers have emerged again :) xx

    @Lily - I like the packaging too :) I used to wear liquid eyeliner everyday. If you ever get sick of it or want to try something new, I'd definitely recommend a gel liner :) xx

  4. Oo i totally didn't realise they'd brought this out! I have used a gel, but only a cheapy primark one, so def tempted to use the vouchers for this!

  5. @Ellie - It's limited edition with their SS11 collection. I didn't realise Primark sold gel eyeliner! If you get your hands on some vouchers, I would definitely recommend taking a look at this :) xx

  6. Really want to try this!!!


  7. @Dan - I would definitely recommend it if you can get your hands on it, especially since the £5 off vouchers are floating around again. xx