Review: Nail Rock Nail Wraps

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Before I go into the review, I just wanted to say how amazing was the Olympics opening ceremony last night? I loved it and was buzzing after watching it! Danny Boyle did an amazing job. Right now, I'm feeling proud to not only be British but also a Londoner and I'm loving watching all the sporting events now. I'm not the sportiest person and am not an avid sports watcher the majority of the time, but I love following the sports during the Olympics. What are your favourite Olympics events? Mine are the gymnastics, diving and swimming. Although I've been watching the rowing today and have been enjoying that too!

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Moving on today's review... I won these Nail Rock nail wraps in Leanne's giveaway and thought I'd give them a go for a 21st birthday party that I'm going to tonight.

What you get in the pack: A nail preparation wipe, 16 nail wraps, a nail buffer and a cuticle stick

The design looked lovely. I love the bright gold and the cute heart design. I think these are great if you like nail art, but aren't very good at it. The instructions were clear and the procedure of putting the nail wraps on was pretty simple. I only put these on today, so I can't comment on how well they last, however they claim to last up to 10 days.

I wouldn't say I have particularly small hands, but I found it difficult to match the nail wraps to my nail size. They were all too big. The instructions did say to trim them to the appropriate cuticle size, however it got really fiddly and I wasn't very good at trimming them accurately, so it started looking quite messy. I had quite a few creases in them, but after a few attempts at getting rid of the creases, my patience began to wane and I just gave up. The instructions say to fold the edges under the nails, however I keep my nails short and didn't have any room to fold the nail wrap under, so I just had to trim them to the length of my nail and used some clear nail varnish to seal the edges.

Nail wraps are a great way of having a cute design on your nails. I'm not sure if I would use them again as it took a lot longer for me to do than just painting my nails and they didn't look particularly neat. However if you have bundles of patience, then I would definitely recommend giving these a go.

Have you ever tried nail wraps?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


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