Review: Origins Vitazing

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

This was featured in my June favourites, however I have decided to write a more detailed review as the reviews in the videos are very brief.

My skin has improved recently and as the weather has been getting better, I have been opting for a lighter base. I like to mix this with a little bit of La Roche Posay Effaclar M, because the mattifying features of the La Roche Posay work well to try to counteract oiliness.

Vitazing is perfect for those no-makeup makeup days. It leaves your skin looking glowy and dewy. It comes out as a white moisturiser, but as you blend it out, it releases colour. It's great as a pre-foundation base, adding a little colour to the skin. I prefer wearing it on it's own, occasionally adding a little MAC Studio Fix Fluid down the centre of my face if I want a tiny bit more coverage. I personally like to powder down my t-zone, as I get a bit oily there and don't want it to slide off. With powder, I generally find that this lasts well on my combination skin, although my t-zone gets shiny by midday.

From top to bottom: Blob, slightly blended (you can see the colour starting to change), nearly fully blended

It doesn't have much coverage, but it evens out the skintone a little, adds a bit of colour and conceals mild redness. I usually dot a bit of concealer onto big blemishes and under my eyes and then set it with powder. I find that this is a tiny bit too dark for me (I am an NC15) but once it's blended down my neck, it doesn't look too obvious. I have never found that it oxidises on my skin.

This has SPF 15, which is great. Obviously this isn't the highest SPF available, but it means I don't need to apply a separate SPF.

It does have a slight fruity scent to it, which is tolerable and isn't overpowering. This has never broke me out at all.

I really love this product and think it's a perfect summer product. Have you ever tried Origins Vitazing? What did you think?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. I've been really wanting to try this, but was put off by the colour as I'm quite pale. I am an NC15 as well, so I think I will try it out as it works for you! :) x

    1. I think it works great with NC15 skin tone, just be wary that it can sometimes be a tiny bit dark so blend it down your neck/bronze your neck and chest and it'll be fine :) x

  2. never tried it but it seems great!

    1. It's become one of my favourite summer products! :D x