Recipe: Apple Crumble

Friday, 2 September 2011

At home, we have a huge apple tree in our garden. It doesn't normally produce that many apples, but this year we've had loads! My mum has been picking them and making lots of apple juice. Yesterday, I decided to try something different with the apples and made apple crumble for the first time. It tasted super yummy (if I say so myself!) and I'll definitely be making it again, since the ingredients are so basic and are things we always have. (Sorry for the Blackberry photos from this point on. My camera ran out of battery as I was about to take the first photo!)

I followed a recipe on UK Student Life and I really recommend checking out the recipe. It has step by step instructions and pictures, which I found really useful. The recipe required brown sugar, but I didn't have any so I replaced it with caster sugar and it tasted fine. The only difference is that the crumble is a lot lighter. I have simplified the recipe below:

Apples (I used 5 small apples picked from the apple tree in my garden)
1oz granulated sugar
1oz brown/caster sugar (You could probably get away with 2oz caster sugar, rather 1oz of each)
4oz flour
2oz butter

To make the apple crumble:
1. Wash, peel and slice the apples.
2. Place the apples into the bottom of an overproof dish.
3. Mix the sugar and flour. Add the butter into the mixture in small chunks and rub to make your crumbly topping.
4. Sprinkle the crumble mix on top of the apples.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 175C for 30-40minutes.
6. Allow to cool and then EAT! I served mine with some Walls Soft Scoop ice cream, which was a nice cold complement as the apple crumble was still a little warm.

Do you like apple crumble?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. I looooove apple crumble but I am a sorry baker :P I love the idea of picking your own fruit thought that's always appealed to me cuz I've never done that before! :)

  2. I can't get enough of recipes on blogs, so thank you for posting this!
    In re: hair dye - I use John Freida Precision foam dye in the blonde (shade 8G, I think). This is probably reeeeaaaally bad for my hair -I keep telling myself that I would stop dyeing it. Have you heard of Prettia or Palty? It's a japanese hair dye so it suits asian hair more. I have bought a bottle from ebay (hong kong) but not used it yet. x

  3. ohh i love apple crumble, this is such a great recipe post, i may have to try this out n let you know hehe, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)

  4. OMG I loooooooooove apple crumble, it's actually one of my favorite dessert! I like to add pears in it sometimes, so yummy!

  5. I will have to give this a try! Apple crumble is so tasty.

    Great post and your blog is lovely!

  6. @Yu - I'm a pretty shoddy baker too, but apple crumble is so easy to make. I love picking fruit. I used to always go to PYO farms when I was younger. It's a shame they don't really exist anymore! xx

    @Sarah - You're welcome :) Thank you for letting me know! I've never heard of them, but will definitely have a research! I'd love to know how you get on with it! xx

    @Ria - Me too! Thanks, I'd love to know how you get on! Aww, thank you so much, that's really sweet of you xx

    @GABY - Me too, it's so yummy!! Ooh, that's a great idea! I can imagine that tasting so yummy, as pears tend to be sweeter than apples xx

    @Poppy - I'd love to know how you get on! :) Thank you, lovely! xx

  7. I love it.

    your blog is delicious.


  8. I love making apple crumbles, super easy and super tasty :)
    your looks yummy!! x

  9. I love apple crumble, especially on a winters night after a huge portion of stew and dumplings! mmm heaven


  10. I love love LOVE anything appley! My favourite is this Polish type of appley cake/pie called szarlotka. It's mouthwateringly good *drool*

  11. @Belle Armed - Thanks, that's so nice of you! xx

    @Rachel - I was so surprised at how easy it was! I've made another one since posting this! Thanks xx

    @Eloise - Ooh, that sounds amazing! Winter is round the corner, so I can't wait to make more in the cold months! My family/flat mate will probably be sick of it soon! xx

    @Gabrielle - Thanks :) xx

    @Binia - Me too! Nomnom :) Ooh, I just googled szarlotka and it looks so yummy! I am definitely going to have to try to get my hands on a recipe for that! xx

  12. omg this apple crumble looks sooo good. I love apple crumble, my mum makes a really good apple and cinammon crumble with oats in the crumble part. xxxx

  13. @Claire - Sorry for the late reply! Thanks :) Wow, oats in the crumble sounds so yummy, I'm definitely going to have to give that a go! I hope your American adventures are still going well :D xx

  14. Apple crumble is my FAVORITE! This looks amazing!


  15. @Bailey - It's fast becoming one of my favourites too! :D Thank you xx