Review: Pixi Energy Blush

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pixi Energy Blush in No.1 Pretty Petal

What they say: (From Cheek colour and glow highlighter in pick-me-up colours. These pick-me-up colours are designed to transform you from tired to on-top. Nothing brightens and awakens the face like a flattering blush and highlighter in the right place.

£2.99 from TK Maxx (RRP: £14.00)

With flash - From L-R: Blush, Highlighter, Blush+Highlighter

What I think:
  • I really like the packaging of this product. Although it is a little bulky, I love the green casing. There is a generously sized mirror and a compartment for the brush that is provided with it.
  • I don't use the brush that was included, but it is extremely soft and would be ideal for travel.
  • 3/4s of the pan is a baby pink blush with slight shimmers and 1/4 is a white highlighter with silver glitter running through it.
  • The product is a little powdery. There is a lot of fall out around the pan when your swirl a brush on the product. This can get a little messy, but it's tolerable.
  • The blush is very very sheer. It barely shows up on my skin (I am an NC15 in MAC), so I do not think this product would be suitable for people with darker skintones.
  • The highlighter is very pretty, but must be used with a light hand, because otherwise the shimmer will go everywhere and make you look like a disco ball.
  • The blush and highlighter mixed together gives a pretty pale pink (It has been washed out on the swatch). Although this product has been sat a little unloved in my make-up collection, whenever I dig it out, I use the two colours combined as a highlighter.

I personally would not have bought this product at £14. The blush portion is disappointing as it is so sheer and unpigmented to be worn alone. I do, however, like the white highlighter portion and the colour given by the blush and highlighter combined. If you like the look of this product, I would recommend looking into one of the darker, more intense colour combinations instead of this one. I didn't see this colour on the Pixi website when I went on it earlier, so I have a feeling they may have stopped producing it anyway.

Have any of you tried this blush? Are there any blushes that you've come across that were disappointing?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy

P.S. You may have noticed that the review was written in bullet points instead of paragraphs today. (I don't think I am awake enough at the moment to write in coherent paragraphs.) I was wondering if you like it in this format


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