Hey Mr. Postman (Part II)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This is the second part of my accumulative purchases posts (with giveaway wins and a JWLRY purchase). The first one (with eBay and blog sale purchases) is here.

Left: 9 Bars, Right: American Apparel Nail Polishes in Office, Rose Bowl and Echo Park

9 Bars: I won these 9 bars from Lily's giveaway. In case you're wondering what they are: 9Bar is a deliciously nutritious seed bar designed to get the maximum nutritional goodness from seeds in a convenient and tasty way, so its no great surprise to find the main ingredient of a 9Bar is a blend of wholesome seeds. Sunflower seeds form the main base of the bar but the mix also includes pumpkin, poppy, sesame and the legendary hemp. The flax variety has added flax, or linseed as it is often better known, one of the best plant sources of Omega 3. Seeds are a nutritionally dense food containing a wide range of nutrients including minerals, vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids. As part of a balanced, healthy diet seeds can provide a wide range of nutrients. The bars were a good size and very filling. All but one (I can't remember which one!) had a thin layer of chocolate on the top. Calories wise, they have about 200 and something calories, which is in the same realms as a chocolate bar, but these bars are so much better for you. I really enjoyed all the bars and I will definitely be buying more! You can buy them online and you can get certain varieties in health food stores or your local supermarket.

Nail Polishes: I won these AA polishes from Joellen and they are the prettiest colours ever! I've heard so many good things about AA polishes, so I'm excited to try them once I take Orly 'Blackout' off (As a sidenote: After approximately a week, apart from a little more tipwear, 'Blackout' hasn't chipped at all! I am very impressed indeed!)

Thank you so much, again, Lily and Joellen! :)

I've wanted a double finger cross ring for ages! I bought this from Lily's jewellery shop for £6 recently and have worn it pretty much every day since I received it! It's a mini cross, which I really like because it looks girly and dainty, without being too overpowering :)

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. Those 9 Bars look good! I love trying new nutritious bars :)

  2. loving the cross ring :)
    I've been thinking of getting one like that for a while!! x

  3. @Nisha - They were super yummy :) Me too! Although sometimes healthy nutritious bars aren't all that tasty :/ xx

    @Rachel - Thanks :) You should do it! Because the ring is adjustable, it's super comfy. xx

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  5. All of those nailpolishes are really pretty <3 Haha, I just got a cross double finger ring in the mail today! It's super pretty, mine's a bit chunkier but I love it :)


  6. @Mommy Author - Thanks xx

    @Summer - I'm super excited to try them, especially the pinky/coral one! Ooh, yay! Ring twins, hehe :) xx

    @Gorgeous Clara - Thanks :) xx

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) Oh wow you won two giveaways - that's brilliant - lucky you! And I love the silver cross ring - it's so pretty! I just bought some gemstone rings from Lily's blog too x

  8. @Helen - You're welcome :) Thanks, I was really surprised to have won two! I really love it too, oooh they sound nice! xx