Handbag Wishlist

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

After payday, I decided that I want to save for a new handbag and I instantly set off researching which bag, because apart from actually getting the bag, that's the (only) fun part about saving, right?

The first bag I decided to look into was the Mulberry Lily. I have loved the Mulberry Lily for a long time, as all the bags I own are a lot bigger than this and I think it would be nice to have a smaller luxury handbag for days where you don't want to carry a lot. I like how it has similarities to the Chanel Classic Flap, but without the price tag. I think the oak colour would be perfect, as I love a tan accessory.

Then I had a look at the Phillip Lim Pashli. This bag seems like a perfect size bag for work, as I tend to carry a lot on a daily basis. I like how the zips can be pulled down to completely change the shape and feel of the bag. It comes in some beautiful colours, such as jewel toned greens, blues and ruby red like the one that Reese Witherspoon is carrying in the picture below.

The last bag I decided to research, before I started feeling depressed that I suck at saving, was the Prada Saffiano Lux tote. This tote seems to be one of the it-bags of the moment and I can see why. I love the feel of Saffiano leather and it seems to be one of the more versatile, hard wearing types of leather. I really like the structured and classic shape of this bag. It has a formal air to it, which would be perfect for work and can be worn dressed down by using the shoulder strap. There are so many colours to pick from, but I'm loving the lighter shades as I think they would be gorgeous for summer.

What bags do you lusting after?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy

(Image credit: Google, Just Jared, Style Scrapbook)


  1. I'm looking for a sturdy workbag and I've been in love with the Saffiano one from Prada but it's crazy expensive :( Im lusting after the Phillip Lim Pashli now since you posted it here! Do you know of any other bags similar to those two? :p

    1. I know, it sucks how expensive it is! The Pashli is lovely, isn't it? It's a bit cheaper than the Prada too. Have you seen the Michael Kors Selma? That looks a little like the Prada, but smaller :) x

  2. I would do everything for a chanel 255...most beautiful bag in the world. :)