Review: Beauty Blender Sponge Dupe

Monday, 5 August 2013

I bought this 99p dupe of the infamous Beauty Blender sponge from eBay (search beauty sponge) and I have fallen in love with using this to apply my base.

Before use, you have to run it under the tap and squeeze a few times in order to get the water distributed through the sponge and it increases in size by about 50%. I like to squeeze out any excess water and give it a shake before use. One disadvantage of this would be that you have to go to the sink before applying your makeup and if you and your family/friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc fight for bathroom time in the mornings, this may not always be practical. I imagine you could use a spray bottle of water, but I haven't tried this. When the sponge fully dries, it reverts back to its original size. Don't try to use it when it's dry, like I did, as it doesn't work half as well as when it's wet and it stains the sponge.

I pump out my foundation onto the back of my hand and apply using the sponge and a dabbing motion. The sponge is egg shaped, so you can use the round base for the majority of your face (i.e. the big bits of face like your cheeks, forehead etc.) and turn it over to the pointed section to get in under your eyes, around the nose, etc. If you want to see it in action, I use it in one of my recent Youtube videos. I find that I use more product when using this sponge and it can be a little more time consuming than using a traditional foundation or buffing brush, however I absolutely love the finish it gives. You are left with a flawless base, with no streaky lines or cakiness. I find that my makeup lasts longer when using this and I can get better coverage over my redness or post-acne marks, as you are essentially packing on the pigment into your skin, rather than spreading it out on top. You can also use this with powder, which I don't do regularly, but it gives a similar effect to using a powder puff and is great for setting concealer in place without moving it from the area you have concealed.

It's important to wash the sponge frequently, as sponges can harbour bacteria especially as the sponge gets damp. I usually wash this after 2-3 uses. It's super easy to wash, however I did find that it stains with foundation occasionally.

I am in love with this method of applying my foundation. I would definitely consider investing the £16ish for the Beauty Blender, however for now I am content with my 99p dupe.

How do you like to apply your base products?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


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