Review: The Body Shop Facial Brush

Sunday, 11 July 2010

I meant to do a review on this ages ago, but I kept forgetting! I guess the good thing about doing the review a month or so after buying it is that I've had quite a while to use it and get a better overview of it.

What they say: (From A small nylon brush for the face suitable for use with cleansers, facial washes or exfoliators from The Body Shop®. The ergonomically improved shape allows for maximum control. Supplied with a flush-fitting lid, which allows excess water to be drawn away from the bristles after use for increased hygiene and protection.

Price: £3

What I think: I LOVE this facial brush! I've used it pretty much every night since I bought it and my skin feels much smoother. I regularly get dry patches on my cheeks, regardless of how much I exfoliate or moisturise, and I've found that this facial brush helps to keep them at bay for longer, which I'm loving. I feel like my skin tone is a bit more even than before, due to the facial brush boosting the blood circulation in my face. The facial brush is very versatile, it can be used with a face cleanser for a deep clean or with an exfoliator for a double exfoliation.

Comparison to an electric toothbrush head

I love the size of the facial brush. It's small, so it doesn't take up too much space and is great for travelling, but it's still easy to use and doesn't fall out of my grip when I'm using it or if my hands are wet. It has soft, densely packed bristles, which reminds me of an electric toothbrush head. Even though the bristles are soft, you have to be careful not to be too heavy handed with the brsuh (I learnt this the hard way) - A gentle pressure does the same as a large amount of pressure, but doesn't leave your face red and feeling a bit raw. It comes with a lid, which is a bonus, since it keeps dust and bacteria from getting onto the brush. I wouldn't recommend putting the lid onto the brush while the bristles are wet, because I found that it stopped the brush from drying completely between uses. Also, be careful when putting it the lid back on, because it can bend some of the bristles out of shape.

When I first started using the facial brush, I found that the smell of the cleanser that I was using lingered in the bristles and when I changed cleansers, it smelt weird due to the two scents mixing. To overcome this, you have to make sure you clean the facial brush properly after use by thoroughly rinsing it in warm water and deep cleaning it once a week. I deep clean it like I deep clean my make-up brushes. I'm tempted to try using my MAC brush cleaner on it for spot cleaning...

I would definitely recommend this to people who get dry patches or feel that their skin looks dull. Actually I recommend this to everyone, regardless of your skin type! The facial brush is definitely cost effective at only £3 and I would say that it only need changing when the bristles are starting to look frayed and battered. (Maybe change it once every 3 months, like a toothbrush?).

I recently bought The Body Shop's Facial Buffer after reading Holly's rave about it on her blog and then hearing her rave about it in her skincare routine video on Youtube, so after I've had the opportunity to use that for a while, I will do a comparison between the two.

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. o man i need one of those!! cute blog by the way ♥

  2. @Anya - If you're able to pick one up, I'd definitely recommend it! Aww, thank you :)