Revlon Photoready Re-Evaluated

Friday, 15 February 2013

I have had Revlon Photoready for quite a while now and due it's relatively poor staying power, it got relegated to the back of my foundation drawers. As I am constantly trying (and failing) to downsize my makeup collection, I dug out Photoready a few weeks ago. I tried it again, loved it and I have been using it everyday since. You can see it in action in the FOTD I posted a few weeks ago (here). I wrote a review about it in June 2012 (here) and while I still stand by all the points I made, I want to add a little more to the review.

Like I said, almost all the points that I mentioned last time are still the same. (To sum up: Good - Nice finish, good colour match, medium coverage, spf 20/Bad - Has glitter in it, clings to dry patches). I originally said that the lasting power of this foundation was very poor. However it has recently been a lot better, which has made me love this foundation now, instead of just liking or tolerating it. During the winter my skin balances out and is currently veering towards normal with dry patches (instead of combination-oily in the summer). This has meant the foundation lasts a lot better on my skin and adds some much needed glow to my complexion. I do find that it does cling to dry patches, but that's nothing a little exfoliation or extra moisturisation can't solve.

My opinion has definitely changed about this foundation and I would definitely recommend this foundation for people with normal or slightly dry skin. This has become a staple Winter foundation for me, however I would not touch it with a barge pole during the Summer again.

Have you ever experienced foundations that are better suited to different seasons?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


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    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I will check out your blog x

  2. I find it really strange how Revlon added glitter in this foundation ... thanks for the review though!

    1. Haha, I think they did it to add a glow/radiance, but it ended up being very obvious :-/ x