Review: Kiss Nails

Friday, 27 August 2010

After winning Faye's Kiss Nails giveaway back in June (Thank you, again!), I decided that the perfect time to try out the Everlasting French Nails (Petite) would be when I went on holiday.

What they say: (From Smaller nails for smaller hands. Patented Technology - creates the ultimate French nail that won't chip - Guaranteed! Looks like a professional Salon Acylic application. Easy Application Clean Break Tabs make nails easier to apply. Can also be shaped and filed to your personal style without chips or tip wear. Available in two nail shapes - Flat or Regular. 24 nails in 12 different sizes - a perfect fitting manicure for everyone

Price: £8.49

What I think:
I put the false nails on 2 days before I set off on holiday. In the box, you get a tube of glue, an orange stick, a nail file and 28 nails (in 14 different sizes, so there will definitely be a size for everyone). I have never used false nails before, so I spent a couple of minutes studying the instructions on the back of the box, which are very clear and have little diagrams to help you.

Although it only took me approximately 15-20 minutes to do, I found the whole process a little stressful, especially picking out which size nails to use. I'm sure that if you're used to this process, it will be easy as 1, 2, 3 but for first time users, like myself, it is slightly more stressful and takes a little more time. I messed up the first few nails, since you could see bubbles/streakiness under the false nail (due to the pink part of the nail being translucent) where the glue hadn't been evenly distributed, but as I went on I gradually improved. Even though I'm right handed, I still found it easy using my left hand to apply the nails onto my right hand - Those little tabs are lifesavers!

The petite size was a perfect fit for my finger nails and I really liked the length of them. I generally keep my nails short, so although it took a little while to adjust to having longer nails, I found that they felt very natural, lightweight and comfortable. I have a touchscreen phone and I had no difficulty using it.

A couple of the nails fell off during the course of the week, which I just restuck on again. I think the most likely reason that they fell off was due to user error, since I was a newbie at applying the false nails. Resticking the nails back on was a bit of a pain, since there was no tab and it got a little messy. At one point I managed to glue a couple of fingers together. :/

I decided to take the nails off after a week, although I think that they would probably have lasted a few more days. Although Faye had sent me some information about the correct way of taking the false nails off, I wasn't all that willing to go out and buy some special false nail remover and since I was on holiday, I didn't have Boots or Superdrug to hand. In the end, I took the nails off by starting to push the false nail off my own nail on one side near the cuticle and then 'pop' the nail off. My nails are looking a little worse for wear at the moment, but with a little TLC, I'm sure they'll be fine in no time

Overall, I was impressed with the false nails. I'm still a lover of having short nails, but I would definitely use these again. For me, I think that they'd be great for special occasions if I want to glam my nails up a bit. If you regularly use false nails, then I would definitely recommend them to you.

Have you ever used Kiss Nails before? What did you think of them?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy