Diet Coke and Nails Inc

Thursday, 13 January 2011

It's that time of the year again... Nails Inc. has teamed up with Diet Coke again to bring 4 special limited edition nail polishes. To get them, you just need to purchase two bottles of Diet Coke from Boots.

From L-R: Cool Caramel, Delicious Denim, Perfect Plum and Heavenly Heather Grey

I don't usually drink diet coke, however in this case, I decided to make an exception. So I popped into Boots and picked up 4 bottles of Diet Coke (at £1.18 each) and "Denim" and "Heather Grey". I decided against 'Plum' and 'Caramel' because they reminded me of Nails Inc.'s 'Victoria' and 'London' (ETA: I now know that Caramel doesn't look anything like London!), respectively.


From L-R: Heather Grey and Denim
Please excuse how dry and horrible my hands look :/

Will any of you be popping into Boots to pick up some Diet Coke nail polishes?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy

P.S. I know I'm technically supposed to be doing Project 10 Empties... But I've decided to change my rules so that I am allowed to buy limited edition products, because it'll be too difficult to get hold of them once Project 10 has finished.


  1. I still haven't managed to track these down yet but I'll get all of them when I do as I drink quite a bit of Diet Coke anyway :/
    Heather Grey is gorgeous - I thought it'd be too similar to the "London" polish they did last year but it's actually not at all. x

  2. That's so funny -- I didn't know Coke made nail colors -- kinda ironic lol. I love your blog layout -- very cute banner!

    Well I am currently doing an Urban Decay giveaway if you are interested!

    <3 Kelly

  3. @Lily - I hope you manage to find these soon! I really like Heather Grey too, I'm currently sporting it on my nails. Oh right, thanks for letting me know about Caramel! :) xx

    @Kelly - They don't actually make nail polishes - They team up with Nails Inc to make limited edition ones. Thanks :) xx

    @Jazzy - I agree, it's a really gorgeous colour. It looks even nicer in real life! xx