Review: Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

Thursday, 26 May 2011

What they say: (From Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream is an innovative new therapy specially formulated to intensively nourish and help repair your skins natural barrier. Oilatum Natural Face Cream is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and is free from fragrances, preservatives and emulsifiers.

Price: £7.65


What I think: I bought this after hearing the Pixiwoo girls raving about this moisturiser and I have to say, I'm impressed! My skin always gets really dry throughout winter, especially around my nose and cheeks and recently my combination skin has been veering towards dry. I mainly use this at night and find it to be extremely moisturising and soothing, without making my face look or feel super greasy. I occasionally put this on before applying make-up and found that it created a nice, moisturised base after allowing it to sink in. I'm just taking a stab in the dark, but I think that this moisturiser may be too rich during the summer, unless you have severely dry skin.

At £7.65 for a 50ml tube, it is expensive for a drugstore brand. But it is worth it, because it works! I have found that you only need a small amount to cover your face and it has lasted me for a good 4 months (approximately). I'm currently on the hunt for it, because everytime I go into Boots, it's either out of stock or not sold there at all. Has anyone else found that only certain places stock this? After rooting around online, I saw that Lloyd's Pharmacy sells it for £7.10. So if you can't find it in Boots, save yourself 55p and get it from Lloyds!

Have you ever tried this Oilatum moisturiser? What did you think?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. Thanks for the review, I'm looking for a new moisturiser, my 'simple' one seems to have turned on me leaving my face all blotchy and stingy- not a good look! x

  2. @Tess - You're welcome :) Oh no, that must be so annoying. I've never tried Simple, but may avoid it now that you've said that! xx