Wardrobe Envy: Frankie Sandford

Monday, 23 May 2011

All images are from tfs
I love Frankie's style and how she mixes high street (cough, that lovely red Zara dress) with beautiful designer bags and shoes. I love how her accessories aren't 'fussy' and that she keeps it nice and simple. There seems to be a trend in Frankie's casual wardrobe in that she wears jeans/denim a lot. This makes me want to break out of my leggings rut and wear jeans more! She always pairs them with cute shoes, a gorge bag and a mix of tops and jackets.

Who are your style crushes? Keep an eye out for more of mine! You can see more of my style crushes here.

xoxo, Joy


  1. ooh shes beautiful!! and love her style <3

  2. @Augustalolita - Yeah, she's super pretty. I love her style too, I wish I had her wardrobe!! xx