August Favourites 2011

Monday, 29 August 2011

I can't believe it's the end of August already! This means I need to start repacking for university soon, as I go back to Birmingham on the 10th (and start on the 12th). Argh! Packing is so stressful, lol. This month, I haven't really been doing anything exciting with my make-up. To be honest, I've been using the same products every day and I haven't bought anything new as I'm trying to be good and use up the make-up I have, before buying more.

MAC Lustre Drops in Sun Rush - I bought this from a blog sale a couple of months ago and didn't ever use it, because I didn't really know what to do with it! This month I have been adding a tiny drop to my foundation and it gives a lovely glowy and fresh bronzed look. It gives the right amount of glow, without making it look like you've gone overboard with shimmery bronzer. It also looks pretty as a highlighter, especially underneath W7 Africa (mentioned below).

W7 Africa Bronzing Powder - W7 market this as a bronzing powder, which baffles me as I can't see any bronze when I watch it! When swirled together, it's a beautiful peachy-pink colour, which I use this as a highlighter. It doesn't have massive chunks of glitter, like some powder highlighters do and it makes you look really glowy. Another great thing about this? It only costs £1.99!

Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Concealer in Fair - I absolutely love this! I know it's designed primarily for use under your eyes, but I also use it on areas with redness or discolouration (e.g. under my nose, on acne scars, etc.). It's a perfect lightweight concealer, which does not crease and lasts all day. The colour 'fair' is a perfect match for me, which is lucky! I always thought the roller ball was a bit of a gimmick, but I have to admit it is nice and cooling under the eyes and great in the morning when you're still half dead.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Rivage - This is my current favourite lipstick and have used it non stop all month. This lipstick is so beautiful and it's my perfect 'lips-but-better' colour. I love the colour, the formula, the packaging, everything about it! (Thanks again to Tine, as I won it in her giveaway!)

Missguided Nail Splash in Missbehave - I've been wearing this colour on my fingers and toes for the whole of August. It's a pretty, mid-tone pink, which is described perfectly on the Missguided website as cotton candy pink. The application was easy and the colour was opaque in two coats. This nail polish has great wear and only chipped at the tips after about 3/4 days.

Babyliss Big Hair - I only bought this in the middle of August, but I love it! It gives me big hair and I have big love for it! (I will have a detailed review of this coming soon)

What were your favourite products this month?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy

N.B. Everything was bought with my own money, apart from the Chanel lipstick which I won in Tine's giveaway and the Missguided Nail Splash, which I was given at the Brum Blogger Meet. All my opinions are 100% honest regardless of where I got the product.


  1. This month, I am loving Benefit products. I have been using High Beam highlighter fluid non-stop, and my favorite blush, Benefit Dallas Blush/Bronzer. I would have to say those are my favorites for August!

  2. I have this an I coulden't make it work OVER my foundation so maybe this will work :) lovely post x

  3. Good luck with your move and with school! :]

    Great picks for August! I have a few favs for mine: Maybelline Dream Matte powder and the NYC Bronzer in "Sunny" ^^

  4. Everything sounds great!

  5. I've seen those lustre drops in a few blog sales and I've been tempted but I didn't know what I'd do with them - very tempted to try and get some now though :)
    & the w7 bronzer(blush) looks so pretty! that's being added to my list, the colour in the swatch just looks gorgeous!! x

  6. I've always wanted to try this Garnier Roll On - I got excited in TK Maxx the other day but turns out it wasn't the tinted version!
    Anyway, I also look forward to the Babyliss review

  7. I'm always self conscious of my undereye circles... maybe I'll try that Garnier concealer! The Chanel shade looks beautiful.

    Don't forget to enter my Coach purse giveaway!

  8. i really need something for my bags so i'll maybe try out the garnier product! can't wait to go to uni!

    Vintage Stop at

  9. @mybeadifulllife - Great picks! I love Benefit :) Dallas is one of my all time favourite blush/bronzers! xx

    @Lauren Rose - Thanks! I hope you manage to make it work for you xx

    @tiffyama - Thanks you, lovely! Ooh, I want to try the Maybelline powder! Lots of people rave about it :) xx

    @t - Thanks, they are :) xx

    @Rachel - I really recommend them! There are some pinkier ones, which I think would be better for winter (since Sun Rush is quite bronzey). I think they've been added to the permanent line now too. It is, isn't it? I wasn't expecting that colour when I saw the product! xx

    @a.j.b - I think Superdrug and supermarkets tend to put it on offer a lot, so just keep an eye out. That sucks that it wasn't the one you wanted :( Thanks, I'll probably have it up sometime in September. xx

    @Morgan Jordan - I would definitely recommend it! It's a perfect concealer :) It's such a pretty colour. Definitely my new favourite lippie, which sucks because it's so expensive! Hehe xx

    @Vickileestyle - I would definitely recommend it! :D Ooh, good luck at uni!! Hope you have a blast! xx