Review: No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara

Friday, 5 August 2011

Left: Naked lashes, Right: Curled and 1 coat of Exceptional Definition

I love this mascara! The brush is a pretty unique concept where one side is designed for volume, the other for definition and the top for hard to reach areas - Essentially, you're getting 3 mascaras in 1! I found this mascara gave my lashes a great amount of volume and some lengthening. It's perfect for layering with other mascaras, e.g. a lengthening one, to get the best of both worlds. Although I did find after approximately 3 coats, my lashes started to get clumpy and spidery.

The Boots website says that "The formula is enriched with cashmere keratin, vitamins and hydrolyzed soy protein to care while you wear." I don't feel that this made any difference for any other mascara, but it's nice to have it in the back of your mind that your mascara may be caring and beneficial for your lashes.

The formula of the mascara was very dry. It dried quickly on the lashes and I found no smudges under my eyes throughout the day. The tube also dried out pretty quickly (Quicker than my other 'wetter' mascaras, like L'Oreal Voluminous or Max Factor False Lash Effect), but I did manage to use majority of the product up before it dried out.

I will definitely be repurchasing this mascara again. It gives a generous amount of volume with nice length, and like I said before, you're essentially getting 3 mascaras in 1 :) The new Benefit mascara has a similar brush concept to this and from the reviews I've seen of it so far, it looks great, so I might have to give that one a go!

Have you ever tried No7 Mascara?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. Ooh looks like a nice mascara indeed!

    Love the shape of the brush and your eyelashes look like they've had a big shot of oomph injected into them :D

    I've only tried Exquisite Curl from No7 and wasn't that impressed with it but may try this one now :) xo

  2. I've not tried this before but i like the look of it. x

  3. @Miss A - It is so lovely, I was so pleasantly surprised :) Ooh I've heard mixed reviews about Exquisite Curl, but if you weren't impressed, I might give it a miss xx

    @Sarah - I would definitely recommend it, I love it! :D xx