Friday, 12 August 2011

Over the beginning of the week, I became a little obsessed with the London riots, poring over the news and Twitter, worrying that the riots would spread to my town. There were riots in surrounding towns, but my town was missed - probably because there's nothing to loot, apart from some charity shops, the 99p store and Morrissons. But I felt such despair over the towns, businesses and homes that were ruined due to the events over the past few days. However seeing the photos of the riot clean ups, the Sikhs protecting Southall and the post-it notes stuck on the shop front of Poundland in Peckham helped to restore my faith in humanity and it shows true community spirit. I hope nothing too major happened where you live and that you're all safe.

Despite these riots, I still found time to do a little shopping. I didn't pick up much and I'm sorry if this post drags on! I could ramble for England.

I picked up the September issue of Marie Claire magazine (£3.60), because of the free Ciaté nail polish. There was also a sample of a Dove Intensive conditioner. I've tried two Ciaté nail polishes before (Swatches here and here) and was highly impressed. There was a choice between a dark purple and this nude colour, but I settled on the nude because I'm still going through a nude nail phase. 'My Fair Lady' is a lovely pinky-caramel nude (Can you tell that I suck at describing colours?) and the NOTD above shows 3 coats. I feel that it could have done with another coat, but I couldn't be bothered. There was a discount code on the back of the box, so I thought I'd pop it into the picture in case anyone wants to use it.

I went to Boots in search of the Nivea Anti-Cellulite Gel-Cream, because it was half price (£5.50 down from £11). While I was there I spotted this Vichy Dermablend on No15 (Opal) in the clearance section for only £7.75 (RRP £15.50), since the box was super battered but the product hadn't been opened, so I snapped it up right away. I've heard rave reviews about both of these products, so I'm excited to try them.

I spotted this ring in the sale jewellery section of Miss Selfridge for £4.25. I've wanted a ring like this for a while and love it! It reminded me of and Alexander McQueen ring and I love the little pop of turquoise in the eyes.

I've watched a few Primark hauls recently and everyone else seems to be picking up some great buys, but I didn't really see much that took my fancy on my latest trip. Maybe I need to go to a bigger one... I spotted this scarf in Primark for £4. It says it's oversized and oversized it is! I'd says it's about 1m wide and about 2m long, which I think it perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn and would probably work well into Winter.

If you saw my wishlist post, you would have seen that I wanted a trench from Warehouse and a black dress from H&M. I tried the trench on and I was disappointed as it really didn't suit me :( However I did pick up this pretty coral skirt in Warehouse for £25. I was lucky to get the H&M dress as this was the last one in my size. I guess it makes sense as the dress is a complete bargain at only £14.99! Other stores seem to be following Zara's lead (Re: Frankie Sandford's infamous red dress) and have started making dresses in this shape, but this is the cheapest I've seen.

What have you been buying recently?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. Ooh yay, I'm glad you found your dress! :(( about the trench coat tho - I hate it when I fall in love with something but when I try it on, it doesn't suit at all. Happens all too often!

    Oooh and in reply to your question, I've been growing my hair for about 4/5 years, so a while because it grows suuuper slow. Hang on in there.

  2. I haven't been to Primark in so long but that scarf is lovely. I love Ciate nail polishes too, the bottles are so cute and they're really easy to apply. x

  3. I hate going to Primark and being disappointed :(

  4. My last trip to primarkw as like that, a bit dissapointing really - the scarf is gorgeous though :)
    & I'm very jealous of that coral skirt - so pretty!! x

  5. Love that pink skirt, and I am definitely going to pick up the Marie Claire freebies too!!! xxx

  6. The skirt and dress look lovely! Great finds!!

  7. Love your blog! New follower :)

  8. @Binia - Thank you! I hate when that happens too, especially if you've got your hopes up about it or built an outift up around it :( Ooh wow, that's a long time. Thank you xx

    @Lily - Thanks, I love leopard print! I agree, the bottles are adorable. The little bow is such a nice touch. Plus the formula = amazing! xx

    @a.j.b - Me too, especially since it's normally packed to the brim and everything is so messy! xx

    @Rachel - Everyone always seems to find such good stuff in Primark, but I only ever find a few things. Thanks :) xx

    @Sophie - Thanks :) Cool beans, this issue has some pretty good articles in (so that's a bonus!) xx

    @Caroline Ergy Erg - Thanks :) xx

    @Emma - Thank you, that's very sweet of you xx

  9. Glad the riots didn't come to your town. They were so scary. I would have hated to be anywhere near those riots.

  10. Nice haul! I like the scarf :)

  11. @A Fashionable Flaw - Thank you. I agree, it was really scary. At least it's all calmed down now. xx

    @Noniek - Thanks :) I love it too! xx