Review: New Shampoo Bar

Sunday, 5 September 2010

What they say:
(From Stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. In times of stress and hormonal change, like pregnancy and after giving birth, your hair can start to fall out. Fortunately, this is usually temporary, but it's a distressing thing to happen. The New Shampoo Bar is for those times. We make it with bay, clove and cinnamon essential oils to stimulate the scalp. Nourishing nettle, peppermint and rosemary add shine and soften the hair.

Price: £4.65

What I think: I've been rather miserable about my hair for a while now. I have really fine hair and very little of it and when I wash my hair, a lot ends up in the plughole. :( I read about this shampoo bar somewhere (I have no idea where...) and was swayed to buy this by the reviews on the Lush website. When I first started using it, I wasn't really expecting any miracles.

I had never used a Lush shampoo bar before. To be honest, I'd never even considered using one before either! When I first went to use it, I was a bit confused about if there was a correct method of using it. After using it a few times, I realised that I was just overthinking it and all you do is rub it over your head and massage it in. The shampoo bars are really good value for money, according to the sales assistant, they are supposed to last 3x as long as the liquid shampoos you can buy in Lush. After using it for about 2 months, mine has barely reduced in diameter, but I can see that it is getting thinner.

The shampoo bar lathers up really well, which I wasn't expecting. But I guess, at the same time, that's not necessarily a good thing, because the shampoo bar contains sodium laureth sulphate, which isn't good for you. After washing it out, my hair always feels squeaky clean, which I love.

The shampoo bar has a very strong cinnamon smell when dry. To begin with I didn't really like the smell, but I do now. Upon applying it to the hair, the smell pretty much goes. One downside of the shampoo bar is that it leaves a red, slightly sticky residue in the shower after use. It takes a while to dry and can be a little messy. I don't keep mine in the shampoo bar tins that you can buy in Lush and I wouldn't recommend it either, because otherwise it'll never dry!

So, has it made any difference to the amount of hair loss? I think so. I was using this religiously after I bought it and found that the amount of hair in the plughole after washing my hair had reduced. I temporarily stopped using it when I came home from uni and I noticed an increase in the amount of hair in the plughole. I'm still a little undecided about this shampoo bar, because I don't know if it's just a placebo and I'm just hoping that the hair loss has decreased or if it actually has. I don't think that this is a long term solution, however I would definitely recommend this shampoo bar if you're looking for a quick, cheap and easy solution to hair loss.

Have any of you experienced hair loss? Is there anything you can recommend to use?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. thanks for the review! i've seen this in stores and wanted to try it but was a bit skeptical of it :P glad its working for u ^^

  2. I have this Lush shampoo - I love the smell :) Glad to hear that it helped with your hair loss. Quite a lot of my hair feel out due to stress a few years back and I took Nourikin tablets which definitely helped. They're quite expensive but are sometimes on offer at Boots when they do 3 for 2 on vitamins. x

  3. @Jenny - You're very welcome! You should give it a try, what's the worst that can happen? :)

    @Lily - I love the smell too! I'm sorry to hear about your hair loss. Thanks for the recommendation, I might take a look at Nourikin next time I got shopping. :)