Brum Blogger Meet

Monday, 25 July 2011

On Saturday, I went to the Brum blogger meet in Birmingham. It was organised by the lovely Fritha and Claire, aimed at people that are situated around the Midlands. I was really nervous, since I am sometimes awkward with new people, worrying that I wouldn't know what to say or be too shy. But as the day drew closer, I got really excited to see everyone's tweets. There was even a hashtag on Twitter for the meet (#brumbloggermeet)! I tried to learn names and faces in advance, but alas that majorly failed since I have a memory like a goldfish. I was also going to vlog the day, but in the end I decided against it and didn't even take any photos!

It was arranged to meet at Starbucks in the Pallasades and armed with my caramel frappuccino, I shuffled over to the big group of people with "Hello, my name is..." stickers on. After pulling up a chair between Selina and Florrie, all my nerves slipped away because everyone was lovely and really chatty. Upon arrival, I was handed a number of goodie bags. I was overwhelmed at how much stuff was in them and how generous the companies had been! After some sitting and chatting in Starbucks, we all headed over to the bull and the church by the Bullring to take some obligatory group photos.

Group shot taken by Fritha :)

We then went our separate ways for a spot of shopping. One group headed off for vintage shopping, while a tonne of us headed to the jewellery section in Forever 21. Every shop we went into, the beady eyes of the security guards followed us around the store and because we all had the distinctive yellow Max C goodie bags, we had a lot of people gawping at us! When we were crowded around the MAC counter in Selfridges, a woman even asked if there was a promotion on in MAC!

At 6pm, we went to Red Peppers in the Mailbox. The service in there was impeccable. The food and drink all came promptly and was super yummy! I shared a sex on the beach cocktail with Eloise and had pollo con funghi (spaghetti, chicken and mushrooms) for my dinner. During the meal, there were more goodies being distributed. This time, they were from Clothing at Tesco. I chose a lovely, drapey black shift dress, which is actually too big but I thought it was a very versatile piece and would look cute with a belt. Prizes were given to people that had participated in the challenges (1. To find the best head attire, 2. To take a 'street style shot' of someone stylish in Birmingham and 3. To find the best bargain) and to Selina, who won best dressed, and Gem, who won the furthest travelled as she had come from another country (Wales), lol!

After dinner, we all went out separate ways. I was planning on heading out to the HMV Institute with some of the girls and two friends from my course. But once the vino had started flowing in my flat, we didn't even make it out, oops!

As I mentioned before, we were so lucky to get such generous goodie bags! My flatmate was even jealous, hehe! I can't wait to play around with everything :) Here are some pictures of the stuff in the goodie bags from Max C, Crown and Glory, Matthew Williamson, Motel and Missguided.

I had such an amazing day and met some lovely people (links below). Thank you, again, to Fritha and Claire for organising such a fantastic day! Here's to more blog meets! :)

Links to the lovely ladies - Char, Claire, Clare, Danni, Elizabeth, Eloise, Emma, Florrie, Fritha, Gem, Gem, Hattie, Hayley, Lily, Louise, Maria, Michelle, Rebecca, Sara, Sarah and Selina :)

Thank you for reading my super long post. xoxo, Joy


  1. I had such a fantastic day, hope we get to do it all again soon because I didn't get enough time to chat to everyone. I'm back in Wales with severe withdrawal symptoms. Goind to wear lots of my freebies to work tomorrow :)

  2. wow, i love the dress you got! and i'm so sorry we didn't really get to speak that much, i swear the whole day went so quickly. glad to hear you had a lovely time though, everyone was just so lovely xxx

  3. Love the dress and those goodie bags look amazing! Glad you fun at the meet-up :) x

  4. It was really lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing you at the next one!x

  5. It looked like it was a fun time!

    Thanks for your comments :) Stop by again soon.

    The doll on fashion

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  6. It was such a brilliant day :) Really hope we get to do it again soon :) x

  7. @Gem - I'm glad to hear you had a great day too! :D I hope we can all do it again soon!! xx

    @Rebecca - Thanks, I copied Elizabeth! Hehe. I'm sorry that we didn't get to speak much too. Definitely next time :) It was lovely to meet you xx

    @Lily - Thanks. The goodie bags were so generous, I was so overwhelmed! xx

    @Elizabeth - You too! :D I'm actually really excited at the prospect of another one now! xx

    @The doll on fashion - It was a really great day, thanks :) xx

    @Hayley - It was lovely to meet you! I really hope we can do it again soon too :D xx

  8. Oh, I'm soo jealous!! These things always look like so much fun!! I love that dress :)

  9. @Aseya - I never realised how fun blog meet ups would be until I went. Thanks xx