Review: Soap and Glory Flakeaway

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What they say:
(From Superhero-strength skin smoothing body exfoliator with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Flake Away™ a spa-strength dry skin body scrub.

Price: £2.35

What I think: I know so many people that love this product and consider it 'holy grail' material, but I think I'm among one of the few people to not like this product.

I won this 50ml tub of Flakeaway in Leah's giveaway. I think it's great that Soap and Glory make full size products, which are perfect for use at home and mini sizes, which are great for travelling and/or testing out products before committing to a large tub.

Flakeaway has large salt particles in it, making it super gritty. I loved this, because it gives me the mindset that it's actually polishing my skin. It smells amazing and I found that the scent really lingered on the skin after stepping out of the shower. I was in Boots recently and noticed that you can buy an eau de parfum of the scent! That's definitely going on my wishlist!

Positives aside, here are my grumbles about this product. Firstly, I really wish it was in a tube! I hate using things in tubs when I'm in the shower, because you have to be careful not to get the water into the product, while holding the tub, getting the product out and putting the lid back on. I also find that tubs are less hygienic. I guess an advantage of having it in a tub is that you can get every last bit out.

Next, I really hated the oiliness of the product. It feels greasy in the shower as you spread it out over your skin and leaves this kind of residue on your skin. I'm guessing it's down to the sweet almond oil or something. I used this before shaving my legs and I found that the residue was coming off as I ran the razor over my legs and clogging up the razor head. I really don't like oily exfoliators, because all the residue makes me feel like I haven't washed properly/I'm not clean enough, if that makes sense. My skin did feel moisturised after getting out of the shower, but I put moisturiser on after I shower anyway so I didn't really care for that.

All in all, I really wanted to like this product. But I just can't get over the oily residue left on my skin. If you're considering this product, please don't let me put you off! There are so many people that love this.

Have you ever used Soap & Glory Flakeaway? Did you love it or hate it?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. I LOVE IT! I think it's great, but i love the Breakfast Scrub more because it smells so nice. x

  2. I'm curious on how this smells now. XD Thank you for this review!

  3. @Temporary:Secretary - I think you're with the majority of people that love it :) Ooh, I might have to try that one. Does it leave a greasy residue or anything? xx

    @Tiffyama - Do they sell Soap & Glory in the US? The smell is amazing, if I could pass it to you through the computer screen, I so would! You're welcome :) xx

  4. I completely agree with you on this and I had exactly the same experience with it clogging up my razor! I really wanted to love this too but I just don't. Not one of the best S&G products in my opinion unfortunately.

    It does smell amazing though :P

  5. @LauraElizabeth - Ooh! I'm so glad that someone agrees with me about this!! I agree, definitely not one of the best! xx