Wardrobe Envy: Kristen Stewart

Sunday, 27 November 2011

I went to see Breaking Dawn with my flatmate earlier this week. I generally enjoyed it and can't wait for the second instalment, because I want to see how the story ends (as I haven't read the books). If you've seen it, what did you think of it? I can't believe after the next film, it'll all be over! After watching the interview with the whole of the Twilight cast on the Ellen Show and seeing a gazillion Kristen Stewart/Bella Swan make-up tutorials pop up on Youtube, I was inspired to do a style crush post of Kristen Stewart.

While some people may be thinking 'Reeeally?!', I actually have to admit I genuinely like Kristen's style (most of the time). I love Kristen's casual style, as this is how I tend to dress. She tends to stick to blacks, greys and whites and always looks comfortable and casual. In my opinion, sometimes her event outfits are a bit questionable... But when she gets it right, it's spot on. I think Kristen generally opts for cocktail dresses and massive heels, although it seems like she tends to wear floor-length dresses to the Twilight premieres and doesn't stay in the heels for very long either, as there are pictures of her at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere in London signing autographs in her trainers!

All images are from KStewartFan.org and Google

Who are your style crushes? You can see more of my style crushes .

xoxo, Joy


  1. Sienna Miller is definitely one of mine, I've always loved her style xx

  2. @Charlotte - Ooh, yeah, I agree. Sienna has great style! xx