Project Empties #21

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Recently I have not been finishing as many products as I would like, especially on the makeup front. I really want to start working through my makeup, as I have more than enough. However, my makeup items never seem to finish! They always seem to last forever.

I have had this Murad Clarifying Cleanser for ages, as you only need a little bit of product each time. I bought this from a blog sale, but the RRP of this cleanser is £25 for 200ml, which is fairly expensive for a cleanser but you do get a generous amount of product. I found this cleanser dried my skin out a little, so I only used it a few times a week or more often if my skin had broken out. I really liked it with my Clarisonic as it foamed up nicely, although if you use too much, the bubbles go up your nose and into your mouth! It has a strange smell, which I can't quite pinpoint, but you get used to it after a few uses. I find it difficult to gauge how well it helps with my blemishes, as I use other spot treatments. However my skin has been relatively clear over the time that I have been using this cleanser, so I would say this works well in combination with my skincare routine.

I also finished the L'Oreal Everstrong Conditioner, which I love, as it leaves my hair feeling soft and silky. It has a strong herbal smell, which I really didn't like at first, but grew to like.

I love the Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo. I have repurchased this a number of times and will continue to. It's great for removing build up from styling products and dry shampoo and it leaves my hair feeling clean, without leaving it feeling stripped. This is one of those great products that truly work and don't cost a bomb.

Lastly I finished this Johnson's Dreamy Skin Body Cream. I have had this for ages and am a little glad to finally have finished it! It's quite a light body moisturiser, which blends into the skin easily. I found it moisturised my skin enough, without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky. This moisturiser also has a pleasant smell, which lingers on the skin but isn't too overpowering.

What did you finish this month?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


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