Review: Botanics 100% Organic Face Oil

Monday, 6 May 2013

I bought this Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil from Boots for £4.99 (half price, original price £9.99) after deciding that my skincare routine was severely lacking a facial oil, as it was feeling rather dry and flaky a few weeks ago.

I currently use a few drops of this face oil every evening and occasionally in the morning if my skin needs that extra moisture boost. I like that it comes with a pipette to distribute the oil, as you can choose how many drops you need with minimal wasteage.

The facial oil has a strange smell. It isn't offensive or overpowering, just slightly strange. I think it may be the smell of rosehip, however I don't know what rosehip smells like, so I won't assume anything... I found that I got used to it quickly and don't mind it that much now.

The oil is a little thicker and isn't as runny as the Vitamin E Facial Oils that I have used in the past. I find that it doesn't sink into my skin that quickly and sometimes sits on top for a while (leaving you looking rather glossy), before finally sinking in and leaving my face feeling soft and moisturised. I did not find that this broke me out at all. This has really helped to get rid of any dry, flaky patches on my skin and I have noticed that my post acne marks are lightening and going away quicker (I think this in combination with some of the other skincare products that I've been using lately).

I think this facial oil is great and it has become a firm favourite in my skincare routine. The price is brilliant, especially if you catch it on offer and I love that this is an easily accessible brand, so you can just pop to your local high street and don't have to wait for online deliveries.

What's your favourite facial oil?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. Ooh i had no idea there was a facial oil in the Botanics range, it sounds lovely & it's great that it's affordable too!

    Jennie xo |

    1. I didn't either, but saw it on the Boot website when I was looking for facial oils and was intrigued as it's so affordable. It really is a great budget product :) x

  2. Auracacia has some nice facial oil blends about 20.00$ however Boots is quite nice and nothing beats the price it just kind off makes me wonder why is it so cheap ? It must contain simply way more almond oil and very small amount of the other essential oils as stated because I do not smell them. It smells simply like almond oil.

    1. Yeah, I guess that's a point. I don't really have anything to compare it to, so I'm not too sure. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check out Auracacia x

  3. Replies
    1. Ooh ok, you must be right :) I knew I couldn't quite put my finger on it. x