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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I went shopping with my mum while I was at home last week and picked up a number of things, including a few cosmetics and a perfume.

I bought 3 L'oreal items from Boots, because not only was it 3 for 2, but if you bought 3 L'oreal items, you get a free beauty bag with samples and a headband (which I thought would be useful for when I apply make-up or when I wash my face). To be honest, I just really wanted the headband...

L'oreal Voluminous - £7.99
L'oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer - £12.99

Earlier, I mentioned I bought 3 things from L'oreal... Well, I also bought a L'oreal Touche Magique, which is supposed to be a dupe of the YSL Touche Eclat. But I wouldn't know, since my mum has stolen it from me already!


Next 'Diamonds' - I'd read this post on Jessica Alice's blog about Next 'Diamonds' being a dupe of Dior's 'Miss Dior Cherie'. Since I'm on a student budget, spending £40-ish on a perfume (regardless of how much I love it) is out of my price range. So at only £6 for 30ml, I decided to snap up the Next perfume. I really like the smell of it (Next's website describes it as "An opulent white floral fragrance entwined with fresh fruit nectars and crystalline musks"). It's sweet, but not sickly and a really girlie scent. It's a nice summer perfume. Love it.

Thanks for reading. xoxo, Joy


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