Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I finally have internet at my new flat!!!! I moved into my new flat on September 10th, and we chose and purchased our internet package on September 16th. We were supposed to get the phone line reconnected and the internet on October 4th, but after a little drama and confusion, we finally got it today! I have been going a little stir crazy without internet and my poor little Blackberry has been struggling to keep up with my intense browsing. Oops!

It feels like ages since I’ve blogged and boy have I missed it. I’ve also got a tonne of old posts and Youtube videos to catch up on. I haven’t been on Google Reader for just over a month and I have a few thousand posts to catch up on!

Just a quick update of my life over the past six weeks, I have:

I moved into my new flat in Birmingham at the beginning of September and this is the gorgeous view from my bedroom.

I have recently become increasingly obsessed with macarons. I tried to make my own last month, and while they tasted nice, they looked proper ugly. I recently found an independent cafe in Birmingham that sells them and stumbled upon Marks and Spencer's creations. Nom.

Globe-trotted is a major exagerration, but I have been to a number of different places within the UK recently for a number of reasons, including Oxford, Uxbridge, London, Birmingham, etc.

I was lucky enough to win this beautiful makeup pouch by Stephanie Johnson in SparklemissA’s giveaway on Youtube. I love it! I transferred my contents from my old Cath Kidston one the moment I opened the package!

What have you been up to over the past six weeks? I look forward to catching up on all the posts I missed over the past few weeks! :)

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


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