Review: Boots Cold Cream

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What they say: (From Boots Traditional Skin Care Cold Cream is ideal for cleansing and softening your face and hands. It is Lanolin-Free and dermatologically tested, and has been formulated and produced by Boots Skin Care specialists from traditional ingredients.

Price: £2.42


What I think: I initially bought this on a whim. I needed a new cleanser and was a bit low on funds (damn student loan), so I picked this one for only £2.76! I was so surprised at how well it worked. I've been using this for a while now and this has become a vital part of my skincare routine. I use this with a muslin cloth to remove my face makeup (I use a separate eye makeup remover) and repeat this step twice. This takes off my makeup so effectively, including heavy duty foundations like Estee Lauder Doublewear. The second time I use this, the muslin cloth has barely any makeup on it, showing that it removed my makeup well in one use.

The feel of the product is weird. It's really greasy and after a bit of massaging into the face, it almost start getting tough to blend (a little bit like MAC Face and Body - If anyone has used that, hopefully you'll know what I mean). In my head, I think of it as the cleanser drawing up the makeup, binding with it and making it easier to cleanse off...

This cleanser is super rich and while I am acne prone, I never found that it broke me out. It leaves a greasy residue on the skin, which I hate. I find that if you don't use a muslin cloth to remove this, your face is left feeling extremely greasy, but using a cotton wool ball and toner normally gets rid of it too. I think this would be great for dry skin, since it's so moisturising and I feel that it would also work for people with oily skin, but you would have to be a little bit more careful.

The product smells so weird. I'm not very good at describing smells, but it's kind of floral-herby... My mum used it earlier this week and she also thought the scent was rather gross. I will admit, after a while you do get used to it. Just don't put the pot to your nose and whiff it!

The tub is so unbelievably unhygienic. The tub is pretty deep and gets narrower towards the bottom, so you literally have to shove your whole hand in. If I wasn't as lazy, I would use a spatula or something to spoon it out. I also manage to get the outside of the tub pretty dirty too.

I would repurchase this, because although it has it's bad points, it removed my makeup really well without breaking me out. I'm tempted to try the Ponds Cold Cream, because it's not that badly priced and if it's good enough for Kylie Minogue, it's definitely good enough for me! Also, hopefully it will smell nicer!

I know a lot of people avoid own brand skincare, but I would recommend giving it a go. In the end, there's no harm in trying it and if you don't agree with it, you haven't spent/wasted that much money. If you do, then you'll have found a great priced skincare product.

Have you ever tried this/any Cold Creams?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


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