4 Week, No Heat Challenge

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Earlier this year, I saw a few posts and videos from a number of people saying that they were doing a 'Heat Free Hair Challenge'. CosmeticsCharlotte72 did a great summary video of her experiences and some tips here and Hannah from beautylishious did an amazing series on ways to style your hair without heat.

I am trying to grow my hair at the moment and in a bid to get healthy hair, I thought this would be a good challenge to attempt. I have terrible willpower, but I am going to try this challenge for one month and update you about how I get on! This is how my hair looks air dried and I guess this is how my hair is going to look for the next 4 weeks:

Please excuse the cheesy grin! It's probably because I'm wearing one of my favourite t-shirts of Danny Robert's Chanel girl illustration, which I bought from Fritha's blog sale :)

I thought I'd also throw in some 'hairspiration' pictures of people that give me hair envy...

Photo: Mariannan

Photo: Tumblr

Have you ever attempted the '4 Week, No Heat' challenge? How did it go for you? And who gives you hair envy?

Thank you for reading. xoxo, Joy


  1. I've cut down on heat and it has made a difference to the condition of my hair. I think your hair looks lovely when its air dried. The only difference I notice is that it sometimes doesn't have as much shine as when I've dried or straightened it so perhaps get a shine spray. Good luck xx

  2. I wish I could! My hair is crazy.. like an afro! I love my curls,I hate the volume.. and thats why I straighten! I know it would help it SO much, and especially seeing these snaps makes me want it mega long too! x

  3. This is a cool post and experiment. I haven't used hair straighteners for about 4 years now, and I rarely blow dry my hair. In fact, I just don't do anything to it anymore - i just let it dry naturally. Admittedly, this is mainly due to laziness!!! And if I want it curly, I twist it in to a bun and let it dry before untying. x

  4. Wow this is a great idea! i'm trying to grow my hair too so i'm tempted to give this a go myself! x

  5. @Lydia - That's great to hear. Aww, thank you. Ooh, great advice! Thanks, I will definitely have to invest in a shine spray :) xx

    @kfedland - You should give it a go, or maybe try to use heat less? I'd love curly voluminous hair! Can we swap? :P xx

    @Sarah - Thanks. Wow, 4 years? That's amazing! Even if it out of laziness, I'm sure your hair is thanking you for it! Thanks for the tip about curly hair without heat, I'll definitely give that a go :) xx

    @Meg - Thanks, you should give it a go too! I'd love to know how you get on xx

  6. I really couldn't imagine doing a 4 week no heat challenge! Can't survive without the hair straightners!!!!!



  7. I've never ever used hot iron tongs before, for real. hahah... My hair is super straight, and they're kind of boring. I've been wanting to buy iron tongs to curl my hair though..ha2

  8. Your hair looks lovely air dried :) I rarely use a hairdryer or straighteners, I'm very lazy!!x

  9. @Hanananah - I don't think I'll be able to either, since I use them everyday! Eep! xx

    @Lina - Wow, I'm jealous that you've never had to use them before! You should give curling tongs a go. I love my Babyliss conical wand :) xx

    @Monday Receptionist - Aww, thanks :) I'm so jealous that you don't use heat! xx